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Integrating with Timing is a piece of cake.

You can be up and running in a few days

When you think about the integration process, you might imagine a long and exhausting process. This is not the case with Timing. You are welcome to select the integration type that is the most suitable for you. Either way the process in simple and painless.

The simple and fastest way (recommended)

In case there is no need for two-direction communication, i.e no need to update any core system on your end and you are planning to work only with the Timing platform, the easiest way for you to transfer the required information to Timing is to send a CSV file via FTP.

  • A simple CSV file with minimal data such as customers names and addresses.
  • Timing will setup a private FTP connection for you
  • You can send the file every two minutes, one hour or once per day. It's up to you.
  • That's it. Timing will process the file, optimize, plan and predict.

REST API - Integrate with any platform

If you do need to update your core system with the information from the Timing platform, no problem. Timing provides well-documented Push and Polling API.