Gone are the days when the customer experience could be dismissed as an unnecessary expense. It is now an essential part of running a successful service business. Many companies have woken up to this reality, and realize that their customers expect a seamless experience with real-time visibility and the ability to control the interaction to some extent.

Customer experience has become the ultimate competitive differentiator, mattering more than the price and sometimes even more than the service being offered. There’s no denying it: customer experience is the deciding factor for many customers when choosing a service provider.

This marks a major shift in the way service companies have traditionally viewed the customer experience. It also places pressure on companies to meet certain expectations across the entire process. Companies understand that they can no longer afford to ignore their customers’ needs. In fact a study conducted by Gartner found that 89% of companies are aware they now compete on the basis of customer experience. And that’s where technology comes in.

Customers want control over the experience

Technology does play a vital role in ensuring companies can meet their customers’ needs and provide the kind of experience customers expect. However it’s not enough to just integrate the latest technology and hope for the best. That misses the point.

Service providers that really get it focus on specific solutions to meet their customers’ unique needs. The starting point should always be the customer. Such a customer centric approach is the best way to provide customers with the experience they’re looking for.

Most customers aren’t looking for a smarter customer experience. They simply want to have insight and an element of control over the experience especially when it’s a service being provided in the home such an internet provider. Customers want to know where a technician or service provider is, when they’ll arrive and how long it will take to complete the job. Because this is what the modern customer has been trained to expect. From flights to the items we order on Amazon, we’re accustomed to tracking everything. So why should it be any different when it comes to service providers?

When used correctly, the right technology can greatly enhance the customer experience and a company’s bottom line. However, the key is to make sure that the solution is customized to suit customers, is implemented properly and isn’t overwhelming to use or it may have the adverse effect.

Technology to the rescue

More and more service companies are adopting different technological solutions such as remote connectivity to minimize downtime, provide real-time status updates and boost customer satisfaction. Deploying solutions which benefit the customer is one of the best ways to turn every customer touch point into an opportunity to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Here are 3 ways technology can be used to enhance the customer experience.

Guarantee a seamless, convenient experience
Customers want as much real-time insight into the experience as possible. This includes wanting to know where the technician or service provider is; how long it will take for the technician to arrive as well as how long it will take to complete the job. Some solutions also update the technician’s ETA to reflect heavy traffic and other unforeseen service delays. With this kind of real-time data available to them, the customer is able to plan their day around the technician’s scheduled arrival instead of wasting hours waiting at home. This saves the customer time and unnecessary frustration.

Anticipate and better understand customer needs
Many service companies collect detailed customer information, including service history and customer preferences, which can be accessed easily from a technician’s mobile device. This can dramatically improve the customer experience as in many cases the service provider is able to anticipate the customer’s needs. This makes technicians more efficient and tends to improve fix rates. It also frees up valuable time that can be used to ensure a customer’s unique needs are met.Replica watches for sale

Ensure peace of mind
Workforce navigation companies, like Timing, which favor a customer centric approach to business focus on technological solutions that guarantee transparency. This could include things like sending the customer an email or text message with the name and picture of the service provider who has been sent to provide the service. Not only does this reassure the customer, but it’s also a good way to establish legitimacy and earn the customer’s trust. Customers are also do more likely to feel comfortable welcoming a technicon or service provider into their homes if they’ve seen a photograph beforehand. This is one of the best ways to give customers an added level of security as well as the peace of mind every customer deserves.

More and more service providers are starting to realize that they can no longer afford to ignore the customer experience. In our hyperconnected world, every interaction with the customer matters, and it’s only with the right technology that companies will able to make make the most of these touch points.replica watches