Workforce Navigation
for Service Providers

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The Timing platform is flexible and
easy to use - Manage | Control | Deliver your service

Timing is a one stop solution for your service. With one platform you can save money, maximize your usage of resources, reduce fuel consumption and improve your customer's service dramatically. All of this while managing and controlling your workforce like never before.

% More efficiency
% Additional appointments
% fewer delays
% Increase in customers satisfaction

The Allmighty Dashboard

Complete view

Real-time view of your workforce's performances. Meeting schedule, time on the road, current in-home service time for each rep.

Dig in

Detailed view of each route -- View each rep's location and click to drill-down for all info and details.

Ridiculously easy

Adjust the routes as you wish. You can add or remove customers from the route, combine routes, switch routes and so much more. Timing will always keep an eye out to make sure you're making the right decision.

Route builder

Automatic route builder can schedule the service rep's route a few days in advance. Eliminate unnecessary negotiating with customers regarding the date and time window. We can do it automatically and increase instant approvals dramatically.

Customers' stats

View customer statistics in real-time, know exactly how many customers are logged in to the app and how many rated the service.


We constantly conclude and help you be more efficient. Get data on each service rep's route. All you need to do is select a date and a service rep and we will do the rest.

The Service rep App -

So simple, So smart


The fastest and most optimized route is presented on a map. No need to decide which appointment should be next. All that is left to do is to focus on the tasks and follow the right order. Timing handles the rest .

Customer's details

Service reps can view their customer's details and automatically dial their phone number when needed, view task's details and prepare the appropriate equipment,


No need to be involved. The app automatically detects arrival to appointment and departure. With the Smart system module in action, we already know how long it will take the service rep to handle this task.

Chat from the app

Service reps can chat with the manager directly from the app. One app is all you need.

Future tasks

Service reps can view future shift’s details by easily navigating the dates in the app’s calendar. They can be prepared a few days before the activity.

Appointments history

The rep can see the appointment's history. This way, he can come prepared to handle the task according to the details.

Customer's App - Now You Can
Call it Customer Service

Time of arrival

Enable your customers to know the Time of Arrival and prepare to the service rep’s visit. No more days off from work or hours of waiting at home, with Timing, it is known and clear - The Time of Arrival is available even days before the appointment.

No download

No need to download or install. Customers receives an SMS message on the activity day with a link to the web-app. It is that simple!

Follow the progress

Allow your customer to follow the service rep’s progress on a map. With just a click, customers can view the rep's location (you can of course control the visibility) and see how long it will take him to show up at their home.

automatic notification

Customers can set the time to get an automatic notification before the service rep shows up. The service rep does not have to remember to call and the customer can set the alert to meet his needs.


It is common that the address is not accurate or that it is complicated to get to the customer's home. No need to wast time. Customers can easily send directions from the app.

Service rating

Keep your customers satisfied and get their rating for the service. This way your customers knows their service providers care and you can learn and improve.