Delivery as a Service

Our newest addition: Delivery as a Service. These days when retailers worldwide are fighting to meet the growing demand, Timing launches a complete suite that includes the tool to manage the deliveries and the team of couriers

Complete Suite in One Place

Delivery management platform + team of couriers. With Timing’s DaaS you can start working tomorrow morning

SaaS Platform

SaaS platform to manage the deliveries. Load excel file or use the build in screen to get deliveries. Create the routes and schedule with a single click

Delivery team

Couriers on demand. Get as many couriers as you need. Pay only for what you need and when you need it. Your own dedicated team

Customer Service

Our unique customers’ interface will allow your business to meet a new standard of customer service including full transparency and ETA in adavcne

Why Timing

Pay as You Go

If you need it and you used it pay for it, otherwise, don’t pay

Your Own Team

A dedicated team of couriers just for your business.

Dedicated Vehicles

Our team is already equipped with the right vans for the task

One Stop Shop

A one-stop-shop for all your deliveries needs

Customer Service

White-labeled customer interface for your business


Advanced route optimization that will help you utilize the needed resources