Tornado LTD

Tornado LTD is an Israel based private company that was founded in 1988. The company provides air-conditioning solutions to customers all over the country.

Due to the quality and the resistance of the air conditioners over time, the brand “Tornado” became the favorite brand among customers and professional technicians in the industry and won their recommendations and support.

The company owns one of the most professional and large service workforces in the country.
The workforce consists of tens of technicians, call center representatives and well-known industry experts.

The challenge

The company is growing rapidly and planning the workforce schedule efficiently became a challenge. The number of calls to the call-center from customers asking where the technician is has increased, more delays from the
time-windows has accrued and the technicians became unsatisfied from their schedule.

Tornado had another significant challenge. Their workforce consists of sub-contractors and not from the company’s employees. This alone creates overload when need to schedule and dispatch tens of technician where each has a different depot, a different set of skills, different work hours and different area preferences.

Tornado looked for a solution that answers their needs in terms of the complex planning and would help them touch their goal in increasing customer satisfaction and eliminate delays and provide narrower time-windows.

The solution

Timing is changing and improving how consumers interact with field services. Using innovative technology, Timing created a Best of Breed scheduling platform that offers planning optimization solutions with real-time schedule adjustment and high-accuracy ETA predictions. As the name indicates, time is the critical component in our approach.  Through optimization and synchronization, we provide enhanced services across all industries by streamlining and automating the scheduling process through dynamic scheduling, AI, and schedule reshuffling. This offers improved efficiency through cut travel time, higher first-time fix rate, better customer communication and satisfaction, headcount reduction, and greater employee satisfaction.

The result

Tornado chose to work with Timing and is working with the three layers of the platform (managing & control, technician app, and customer web app) for months now.

The company increased the number of work- orders per day and was able to reduce the time on the road by at least 18%.

As for the Tornado’s customers, they get accurate time-windows and ETA predictions on the activity day and can plan their day accordingly.