Matrix is the leading information technology company in Israel. With more than 8900 employees, Matrix executes the most extensive integration projects in the market, develop and deploy new technologies and software solutions.

Matrix is unique in its ability to merge between technologies and solutions for their clients while creating the right connection between the business side and the technological side.

Matrix’s customers include hundreds of institutions and companies from a variety of industries such as finance, service, telecommunication, security, etc.

The challenge

Integrating Matrix’s ERP solution, Tafnit, to provide to a shared customer, a merged solution of Timing and Tafnit.

The customer, a service company, wanted to achieve the ultimate experience: an end-to-end solution that includes his current ERP system and Timing’s dynamic scheduling engine. The idea was not to shake the boat and allow the employees to keep using the screens and platform they know so well and is well designed for their needs, and to add new capabilities of scheduling and routing that did not exist before.

The solution

Integrating Timing’s dynamic scheduling engine into Matrix’s ERP solution, Tafnit.

Timing is changing and improving how consumers interact with field services. Using innovative technology, Timing created a Best of Breed scheduling platform that offers planning optimization solutions with real-time schedule adjustment and high-accuracy ETA predictions. As the name indicates, time is the critical component in our approach. Through optimization and synchronization, we provide enhanced services across all industries by streamlining and automating the scheduling process through dynamic scheduling, AI, and schedule reshuffling. This offers improved efficiency through cut travel time, higher first-time fix rate, better customer communication and satisfaction, headcount reduction, and higher employee satisfaction.

The result

The service company and other Tafnit’s clients can now use Timing’s capabilities seamlessly and directly from Tafnit.

Once integrated, Tafnit’s clients can work with Timing’s engine right away and improve their operational efficiency and customer service level.


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