Doron’s Furniture

Doron’s Furniture is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Israel. The company sells its furniture through a chain of retail stores. It was acquired by Offir Liber in 2005 and has been growing rapidly since.

Doron’s goal was to improve their in-house processes as well as their customer experience, and have invested efforts and resources to reach that goal quickly and efficiently.

Before they started working with TIMING, Doron was able to plan client appointments only three days in advance, which affected the manufacturing process and schedule. The company also scheduled its appointments via call center representatives and had to manually plan its service reps’ routes according to existing appointments.

Doron looked to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve the scheduling process.
  • Automate the routing process.
  • Improve customer service satisfaction.

This is where TIMING came in. TIMING was able to meet all of Doron’s requirements and has enabled it to gain new levels of efficiency across its entire organization.

Using TIMING, Doron can now plan manufacturing and appointment scheduling 7 – 10 days in advance, instead of the original three days’ lead time, which has significantly improved their manufacturing volume. This was achieved through TIMING’s automatic route builder which automates the scheduling process and communicates with clients directly, without the need for call center representatives.

TIMING also allowed Doron to completely automate its route optimization process. This added benefit also allows its field service reps to plan their day in advance and maximize their use of their time.

By automating these processes through TIMING, Doron’s clients now benefit from a flexible scheduling process and accurate ETAs – providing them with an overall higher level of customer satisfaction.