Workforce Navigation
for Service Providers

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Times have changed.

Are you and your company up to date?

Timing embraced the most innovative technology to provide solutions for service providers from all industries. Timing optimizes, plans and predicts the service rep's route and the time of arrival to the customer's home. While enabling service providers to manage and control the workforce and save money and resources, Timing also improves the customers service and reduce the overload from the call centers.


The Team

Founded in 2015 by Ilan Fridman and Maayan Darki, Timing's main goal was to change the way consumers utilize field services. Starting from handling the organizations' work-flow, to the way field service employee organize their days and appointments, and ultimately - the most important layer, making the consumers, the end users, feel that their time is important, too.


We appreciate new ideas and directions and we believe that together we can conquer more goals better and faster. Software companies, potential resellers or anyone with the right approach. If you think you have what it takes, contact us now!