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Adopting new technology and it’s consequences

When you think about it, the technology already changed our lives. We are attached to mobile devices like they are part of our body and we do not take even one step without them. Think about life before Instagram and Facebook and how we used to communicate with each other. These services/tools changed the way…
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Why do we keep getting lousy customer service?

I was out for a journey. I wanted to understand why I keep getting lousy service. My journey began two years ago, when I founded my company. They have people that are responsible for making us happy and satisfied. People that are responsible for making sure that we won’t post bad feedback on social media.…
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Doron furniture is now using the Timing platform

Doron Furniture, a large furniture company in Israel is now using the Timing platform to optimize and plan the routes for their drivers and builders. In addition, Doron set a goal to improve efficiency and customer service and get to their customers on time.
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Schedule management co Timing raises $1m

With 14 service visits per day for a technician, optimal planning of the route is brings significant savings of money, time, and resources. Israeli startup Timing, which has developed a navigation system for service providers, has raised $1 million from Terra Venture Partners LP. Based in Yokneam near Haifa, Timing was founded in 2015 by…
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